As a mom of three boys, my oldest has it the hardest. It's him that I learn with and learn from- it's him that helps shape me into the mother I am, and the mother I try to be. I feel most protective towards him. He's my gopher. He's my buddy. He's the boy who first made me a mom. 

One night, I went to write him a letter leading up to his preschool graduation, but instead, words spilled out of my heart and onto paper,

and so birthed this book. 

I wanted to create a meaningful tribute dedicated to the milestone of starting elementary school...

from the moment a child is born to honoring and entering this big chapter in their life.

My goal: structuring a lovely tale that gifts children reassurance of a parent's unconditional love, while instilling in them empowerment and confidence.

I invite you to welcome Sing My Sweet Lion into your heart, home and nighttime reading ritual. I hope the words gravitate deep into your soul.




(in no particular order)

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Nadine Bubeck is a former TV News Anchor turned all things mama. After leaving the corporate world to work more creatively and flexibly, she has morphed into a parenting contributor, passionately serving TV stations nationwide, as well as writing for numerous websites and publications. She's also the owner of Mama B. Designs, her boutique clothing line that benefits March of Dimes.


Nadine is a blessed boy mom times three to Nicholas, Zachary (Zaza) & Alexander. 

Junior Placencia

Junior Placencia is a Pre-K teacher honoring his inner artist, instilling in his students a love for creativity. With a talent for pen-to-paper and a passion for drawing, Junior is proud to debut his first fully illustrated book for "Sing My Sweet Lion." Being raised among sisters and a motivational mama, Junior is excited to honor his knack for story-telling through art.

Fun fact: "Mr. Junior" was Nicholas' Pre-K teacher (Nadine's son).